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Everyone else has gone home for the night. Not you. After putting in a full day’s work, now you’ve got to figure out how to bring in more work. That was a whole lot easier when marketing just meant your banner at the high school stadium, some leaflets, and a coupon. But these days, you’ve got to keep track of Google Analytics, Yelp reviews, Facebook ads, Yext listings, SEO keywords, email campaigns, and some new thing no one can pronounce that just came out yesterday. You don’t even know how well they all work, but you sure know how much they’re costing you. And how much time they drain. What if there were a single marketing engine that could drive all these tasks for you while actually giving you more control? There is. It’s called the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud. But you can just call it hardworking marketing.


Using Surefire has allowed me to spend more time on my business and less time worrying about what/where I should be spending my advertising dollars. I have a much better web presence, more activity (leads from website and phone calls), better handle on my overall marketing budget. I liked the broad menu of options and services they provided to address my needs. From the biweekly coaching to teaching and helping me to understand online tactics and strategies (PPC, SEO, SEM, etc) and tying in my website with my business’ overall marketing strategy

Bob Baker
Owner / Hinkle Roofing

I wanted more people to engage with our website and to call us. I needed more leads. I did not think my website was working as hard as it should be. With my previous website, I was lucky to get 5 leads per week. When my Surefire Local designed website was launched, I saw immediate results…more phone calls…more website form submits! I now easily get more than 5 leads every day… a 400% increase in lead flow!

Greg Cowan
Owner / WMGB Home Improvements

The benefits of working with the Surefire team are invaluable and I can’t imagine where our site would be if we hadn’t made the choice to get on board with them. I would emphatically suggest to anyone looking to build a new website and learn about it along the way, as well as how to stay abreast of what’s changing in the fast paced world of the internet, to call Surefire Local today.

Christina Noyes
Russ Noyes Roofing Inc.

We had to increase our hiring to keep up with the increased leads we got from Surefire Local’s digital marketing

Brian Spicer
Spicer Roofing

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